Eminem - Venom

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I got a song filled with shit for the strong-willed
When the world gives you a raw deal
Sets you off 'til you scream, "Piss off! Screw you!"
When it talks to you like you don't belong

Or tells you you're in the wrong field
When something's in your mitochondrial
'Cause it latched on to you, like

Knock knock, let the devil in
Manevolent as I've ever been, head is spinnin'
This medicine's screamin', "L-L-L-Let us in!"
L-L-L-Like a salad bowl, Edgar Allan Poe

Bedridden, shoulda been dead a long time ago
Liquid Tylenol, gelatins, think my skeleton's meltin'
Wicked, I get all high when I think I've smelled the scent
Of elephant manure—hell, I meant Kahlúa

Venom, (I got that) adrenaline momentum
And I'm not knowin' when I'm
Ever gonna slow up and I'm
Ready to snap any moment I'm

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